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Mappeverbe Fast Track to French verb forms in 90 verbs

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 Mappeverbe (verb map) - Fast track to French verb forms in 90 verbs   

Easy-to-use and fun


Mappeverbe fast track to French verb forms for 90 verbs allows you to conjugate 90 verbs in all 9 common simple tenses with all subject pronouns:


- Turn the disc to display your chosen verb in window (A).


- Associate by using colour each stem (in window B) to its corresponding endings.


It's that simple!



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Everything you need


It includes all 90 most common verbs (see the list below) translated into English. All 9 most common simple tenses (see the list below) are also included with all subject pronouns. Verbs that use être (to be) to form their compound tenses are also indicated.


Built-in error preventing system


This system makes it easy for you to learn:

- endings which never vary as they are always visible on the upper disc;

- the four endings which vary as they appear in windows C and D;

- the forms using double consonants or double vowels (riiez, verrait, etc.).

It also helps you with the pronunciation: forms with the same pronunciation but different spelling are ordered in a logical way easy to remember.




The infinitives are translated into English, Spanish and German.


So if French is a foreign language for you, find easily the translation you need in one of theses languages you probably know.

And if French is your mother tongue, you'll be become more familiar with these languages: very helpful when your travel abroad.


The upper disc is translated into English


As you can see above the upper disc is translated into English and 2 other languages as well. It is now available to download here: Download!



 Technical features


  • ISBN : 978-2-35070-028-1

  • 3 discs superimposed, in quadrichromy, Ø 195 mm (7,7 inches),  in vernished cardboard.

  • Central rotation of the discs by a snap rivet.

  • Tab on the middle disc with a hole of suspension.

Verb list


accroître, acheter, acquérir, aimer, aller, appeler, apprendre, asseoir, atteindre, attendre, avancer, avoir, battre, boire, bouillir, conclure, conduire, connaître, contredire, coudre, courir, craindre, créer, croire, cueillir, cuire, devoir, dire, dormir, écrire, envoyer, épeler, essayer, essuyer, être, faire, falloir, finir, fuir, gagner, geler, haïr, jeter, joindre, lancer, lever, lire, manger, mettre, mordre, mourir, naître, nettoyer, offrir, ouvrir, paraître, parler, partir, payer, peindre, perdre, plaire, pleuvoir, pouvoir, préférer, prendre, prévenir, prévoir, protéger, recevoir, répondre, résoudre, réussir, rire, rompre, savoir, sentir, servir, sortir, soustraire, suivre, taire, tenir, vaincre, valoir, vendre, venir, vivre, voir, vouloir.


Tense list


Infinitif présent, indicatif présent, impératif présent, subjonctif présent, indicatif imparfait, participe présent, conditionnel présent et indicatif futur simple et participe passé.

Index to download


The 2400 verb index ebook is available can be downloaded as an .exe file. Click here!






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